Friday, 23 November 2007

Peaceful protest

A message for our Prime Minister, John Howard. Tomorrow is the federal election. John Howard is, according to the polls, fighting for his own political survival as much as the government overall. Tomorrow evening should reveal all. (Mind you, Howard is not really able to influence whether a paricular school stays open or not - that is the decision of the state government; but there's nothing like an election to focus protest.)


  1. There was a good news report about the forthcoming election. Australia seems to have the same problems & election promises as the UK. Money spent on education, hospitals & jobs. Politicians promise lots, but deliver little.

  2. We're getting lots of reports over here. Howard seems quite unpopular.

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  3. It just shows how stupid some of the Australian electorate are that they don't know the difference between state and federal issues.

  4. Well, anonymous, Australia's spending by all levels of government on all levels of education is amongst the lowest in the OECD.

    As well, the federal govt DRASTICALLY underspends on public education. Neither major party in this election has said anything about funding for the public education system, which the govt's own agencies say is in immediate need of a $2.9 billion 9njection of funds.

    The federal government spends on private schools about 5 times what it spends on public.

    So I think the protsters rather than being "stupid" have aright to highlight these issues.

  5. School funding is complex and not apparent to us, it could be said state and federal govs are totally involved. Privatisation would surely be assisted by federal avenues of funding for dev, for a start, and tax deduction for fees was a proposal recently from the feds.