Thursday, 23 August 2007

The Flying Kangaroo: Qantas Dash-8s

Australians overseas often look for the familiar kangaroo-tailed Qantas planes at foreign airports (usually huge 747s). Here in Sydney is part of the fleet of domestic regional planes - the dehavilland Dash-8, a twin-engined, medium range, turboprop aircraft. I really like flying in them. I've also flown in them in Canada.
Do you have a favourite aircraft?


  1. Had to laugh when I saw our photos in the portal. Go see!

    Love your photo--colourful and what's not to like about airplanes. Sure I have a favorite; love the parakeet of the fleet, the DC3's of past history. So useful in WWII.

  2. tres beau logo. moi je ne prends que la compagnie 'Air France' mais pour une raison simple ils parlent français et les films qui passent sont en français ;o)

    very beautiful logo. me I take only the company “Air France” but for a simple reason they speak French and the films which pass are in French ;O)

  3. my friend have just comeback from australia and he said the airline was really gret.

  4. Definitely - Piper Tomahawk but only because I can fly it!
    We fondly call the Dash-8 the "flying lunchbox".

  5. Nice Logo!
    Wow! I just know that kangaroo can fly, haha :-D