Saturday, 28 April 2007

Labor Party Conference

After 11 years of government under Prime Minister John Howard, the opposition Labor Party hopes to form government at the election later this year. Their national party conference began in Sydney today. Outside there were two demonstrations : one opposing uranium mining (Labor is planning to lift its ban on extending uranium mining), and one in support of public education (reminding the Opposition of the neglect of public education of the current government, and not to repeat their mistakes).

President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, Sharan Burrow, held a press conference supporting additional funding for public education.

...and then shared a joke with some of the demonstrators -

There's more photos at Sydney Daily Photo Extra (click on link)


  1. I like your photographs today. They show me that I have no idea at all about what is happening in the rest of the world. And, I wonder why that is. It would seem to me that we should all be interested in news but there are so many hours. I wish I could know more about Australia and Africa and China and all the lands in between.

    Abraham Lincoln

  2. I think your Labour party is as bad as ours. They promise one thing, get in power & then forget about their promises.

    Whoever gets in, it normally means more tax & less services.

  3. Sally, I am still in a state of shock, struggling to understand WHY the Labor Party would overturn it's ban on extending uranium mining. Having spent a little bit of time in Kakadu NP, I cannot even understand HOW an Australian government got permission to dig vast holes in the middle of a WORLD HERITAGE AREA...I mean HOW!! Jeeez!!

  4. hmmm Sally

    From far, I thought it was Alexdander Downer. Then realise, no it's not.

    They do look almost similar eh? hahaha.. Or either that, my glasses needs changing...

  5. The privatisation of education is very very regretable. I own up to having a private education but it was a little different earlier on, also the fees were not easy for most of us to meet.
    I joined the protest in Kakadu several years ago. It was inspiring. Uranium mining has not expanded as was threatened.

  6. The public administration system is almost same everywhere, with the same kind of grievances. Nice shots too!

  7. Sally, what a great week! I've really enjoyed it. Thanks for spending so much time on the ANZACS. It'll be amusing to see what happens on the international scene when Oz goes back to Labour and we go back to Con....the incumbants have all messed they ALL do in the end. Pity.

  8. I'm strictly against uranium mining and privatiation of education. Then Abraham is in right: it's interesting to see in ohoto (these are very beautiful) on what happen around the world. A sort of a very international news. Thank you !

  9. How I wish the greatest problem facing education was money. How I wish the greatest problem facing Australia was uranium mining, how I wish more people worked from premises to conclusions rather than simply accepting anyemises which appeared to support their pre-determined assumptions. But I'm being far too demanding.