Saturday, 25 November 2006

Sunrise II, Botany Bay

Sunrise over Botany Bay, 5:59 am, Thursday 23 November 2006
I took this photo 4 minutes after the one I posted yesterday, and as today was overcast at sunrise, I thought it might be nice to have another look at this one! I love the gold shine to everything. This is exactly how it was - no touch-ups to the photo.
Tomorrow I'm going to have a little bit more to say about the "rising sun" in a couple of Australian cultural contexts - the military, and architecture, so stay tuned!
Fo a look at more photos of this sunrise, click here (Sydney Daily Photo Extra)


  1. that's a really beautiful photo - i particularly love the colours. you definitely have a good eye for photos :)

  2. What is that they say about the early bird?

    And so you got them!

    Beautiful photos I enjoyed every single one of them!

  3. What a fantastic capture (right place, right time!)

    Curly's Photoshop