Friday 1 September 2006

Another Newtown doorway

Today is Daily Photoblogger's Theme Day : Doorways. I like the texture of the peeling paper in my chosen photo.

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  1. How can I get in on this "theme day" thing?
    Heck... it's still August 30th here.. I can post a door tomorrow... woo-hoo!

    I loved your city in Finding Nemo by the way... oh.. and the Olympics.

  2. There's a doorway in there? ;)

  3. beautiful! i espcially like the stairs leading to it :)

  4. sorry er..i thnk my comment has be saved from somehwere (??? blogger betta driving me crazy !)

    an interesting door! the posters really beautify it :)

  5. Good on you Sally for posting a door like this. I like it a lot, well done.

  6. Sally,
    I'm glad you posted a comment on another DP page. Your link in the wiki and in the theme day list (at least the one I copied) seems to be fouled up. Blogger kept giving me notices of "no such address." You might want to check the wiki to see if something's amis. Could be just on my end, if no one else has noticed. Let me know. Glad I got through to see your door for today--it's wonderful!

  7. Very busy door! Where is the door knob!?

  8. this loos similar to some of the notice boards here in finland.. cant get enough of putting up posters.. nice!

  9. You definitely are a poster girl. I like your photo because it is so unusual. Nice!

  10. Hi Kim - yes, It was messed up ... I posted a message on the Forum board, but I guess it's a bit much to ask everyone to edit their posts, so I am glad so many of you found it!

  11. I miised your door post, but glad to find it now. Now this one is unique!

  12. That place is teaxtually a wallpaper. In day theme I found all kind of doorways. that's the reason why I joined this community, plural views.

    Greetings from Perú

  13. A Punk doorway :-)

    Destroyed and coloured; i like it.

    After looking forward, i would say no Punk, as i see that you'll have "The Supremes" on the 23rd of September :))