Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Vanishing (?) icons Part One

I set out to photograph a few icons of Sydney which I tip will be swallowed up in the progress of time (ie property development) before too long. The reason this one may disappear is that this end of the city (Surry Hills) is rapidly being gentrified with new apartments and warehouse conversions. These sorts of urban areas in any city fascinate me.

This sign is clearly visible from the elevated suburban train line out of central. I used to love watching it as a kid as the golfer 'hit' the ball and a coloured light showed its progress all the way over to the hole. It is a fine example (last remaining in Sydney) of an animated neon sign.

It is listed on the State Heritage Register - which does not guarantee its survival. The only thing I can compare it to is the old 'Skipping Girl' vinegar factory sign in Melbourne, which has gone.

You can read all about its history and significance here.


  1. Proof that every day brings you closer to the shell house - a sydney icon that WILL one day be developed! You know who I am...

  2. I have special plans for the shell house! Don't you worry about that!

  3. Love your photos and write-ups.