Friday, 21 April 2006


I was walking around my local area when I came across a sign on an old ice cream factory. The sign read ML ANARKY STUDIOS (bits had dropped off). I ventured into the concrete forecourt, couldn't see anyone around to ask what it was all about, but saw this sculptural piece of old car exhaust pipes and mufflers, so guessed it must be some sort of workshop.

Home to everyone's best friend, Google, and I found this site all about MEKanarky. Seems we have our very own converted-factory artists' studios and workshops right here in downtown Turrella, thanks to rising rents closer to the city - the same process that drove artists to Montmartre in the early 20th century and Belleville in the 21st...

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  1. That is an excellent one Sally. See you HAVE to post daily!!