Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Headmaster's Office

I was walking past Sydney Grammar School one night after dark, and saw into this office, which may be the Principal's office (and that's a plant outside displaying its fronds). It brought back a memory of a time I was in the principal's office at high school. I think I entered the principal's office once in my six years there, and can remember being terrified. It was something fairly innocuous - an interview about future "career plans" I think, but you were made to stand, trembling, in front of her, and account for yourself. That school liked to pretend that most of its female-only students were "destined for the professions", which in the early 1970s, for most girls, meant nursing and teaching. The occasional few entered the more hallowed disciplines of the law and medicine.

It was limiting. Thank goodness girls have more options nowadays.

Did you ever find yourself in the principal's office, and what was it for?


  1. beautiful photograph, Sally. And yes, the answer is often. I believe I was a rebellious 'child' - as if!

  2. I think I was in the principal's office once or twice in my life. In junior high I flipped off a substitute teacher. I don't think I ever really had any reason to see the principal in high school though. I was pretty much a good student who didn't get into trouble.

  3. I am ALWAYS In the principals office, and it is NEVER good. sigh.

  4. Found you site about 2 months ago via Alan Waddle site, just loved his pics and love yours too. It's nice to see the changes to Sydney over the past 15 years. At present I live in Buffalo, NY (practically snow capital of the world) or feels like it. Your pics are a nice surprise every day, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of them in person after Christmas! Maybe I'll get a blog going of Buffalo.

  5. nathalie in avignon15 October, 2008 18:12

    Great photo and I love your story. I remember going to the Principal's office but I can't even remember why. I wouldn't describe the experience as terrifying but I was indeed impressed and very tense.

  6. A photo of lines and frame
    i Like