Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Renzo Piano building

I love this building (the tall one with the interesting shape in the middle of the pic). It was designed by Genoese architect Renzo Piano, perhaps most famous for the "inside-out" Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. I wish this one housed something as interesting, but sadly, it's an office block, chief tenant ABN Amro bank.

This view is from the Botanic Gardens across Macquarie Street (PS I also really like the shorter art deco building in the foreground).

(PS It's the 61st anniversary of the detonation of the second atomic bomb over Nagasaki. Just to draw a contrast between the seeming 'permanence' of such edifices as this, and humanity's propensity for self-destruction)


  1. From Logan Daily Photo - Ah, now a place I remember. I too liked the way the buildings looked. I wasn't into Skyscraper photos when I was there but I had to take a photo here.

    I saw a clip that showed the simulated effects of an A-bomb blast and I would hope anyone seeing this would never be able to set off any bomb.

  2. darren - i liked your photo of the city buildings in brisbane too, so you must have come to skyscraper shots...