Thursday, 24 August 2006

Australian Coat of Arms

This rendering of the Coat of Arms is found on Law Courts in Macquarie St Sydney. You can find a full description of it here.

The kangaroo and emu are pretty obvious. In the shield in the middle, from left to right, top to bottom:
  • cross of St George and lion (New South Wales)
  • Imperial crown and Southern Cross (Victoria)
  • Maltese cross and Imperial crown (Queensland)
  • Australian piping shrike (South Australia)
  • Black Swan (Western Australia)
  • Lion (Tasmania)

The star above the shield is the seven pointed Federation Star - one point for each of the six state and one representing the territories. The circular thing is representative of a wreath.


  1. I'm BACK!!!! Did you miss me as much as I missed Sydney DP? ;)

  2. Hi edwin! How did the performances in Singapore go? Great I bet. I hope we read about it on KLDP.