Friday, 18 August 2006

Factory to YOU!

The area I work in (Surry Hills) is a rapidly gentrifying part of the city which was once the centre of the garment industry. Now there are warehouse conversions (including the building I work in), and designer furniture shops. But there also remains lots of remnants of the past life of the district, and the grungy side hasn't yet disappeared altogether. I saw this sign as I was wandering around at lunchtime and it really appealed to me. Not sure it will last too long!


  1. Sally, I really like this, too. The script styles, the cracking paint, the almost brown color the glass makes the background appear. Really nice shot. Good eye! I enjoyed learning about the area's transition through your commentary, too.

  2. Truly graphic and realistic. Back to the old days. The 60's perhaps, or older??