Friday, 11 August 2006

...and for lovers of some grease...

Recently Kate in St Paul showed a van selling "Australian Battered Potatoes" at her State Fair. Several comments were received wondering what an Australian Battered Potato might be. Well, my guess is this: a slice of potato, dipped in batter and deep fried. Real heart attack fare! Sold at fish and chip and takeaway food shops. In the interests satisfying inquiring minds I felt it incumbent upon myself to undertake some lunchtime research... that's an extra three hours at the gym at least, but, well, someone has to make the sacrifice for The Community :-)


  1. Sally, You are fantastic. I'll let you know after the Fair opens if the advertising is genuine or false! I don't know whether or not I'll be tempted, but I think I'd prefer your pastries from yesterday's photo to today's little delight. But for the sake of research, I'll definitely try the battered potatoes at the Fair.

  2. BTW, they are often sold with a stroke-inducing quantity of salt poured on top, and a wedge of lemon. But definitley not ranch sauce and cheese as in your van!!

    [PS for a grease attack, I'm quite partial to potato cakes (or scallops as they're called in NSW) But these days they're very much a once-in-a-blue-moon event for me.]

  3. it looks yummy, we have similar stuff here but with sweet potato/yam

  4. Ever notice how there's hardly anything you can do to a potato to make it inedible? Potato...grease...yum!!!

  5. Recent research has shown (it's true, I read it on Google news) that even one of these is bad for the heart.

  6. luggi :-((((

    marie - I'm with you, I'm yet to encounter a way of making potato an unattractive proposition!

  7. My lead designer is currently in Australia for his wedding.
    I just love Australia, and promised myself to go one day.
    I have many Aussie friends and Kiwis too that I've lost contact with. Sad.
    However, I must say I would match their walking speed.
    Are Australians aware that they are by far the fastest walkers in the world?
    You take nice pictures, and write interesting stuff.

  8. genotzarr - wow, that's one thing I had never really thought about. Perhaps Londoners and New Yorkers may give us a run (walk?) for our money?

    My mum, aged 78, is 4ft 11 inches in high heels(!)walks with a walking stick these days, but I still have to go at a pace to keep up with her - she says she had to learn to walk fast to keep up with all her friends with longer legs when she was young!

    Thanks for the kind comments.

  9. ummm -s he doesn't actually wear high heels - she would be 4 ft 11 IF she did ;-)

  10. I love that you took on the challenge from Kate to see if you could produce something like what she expects to see at the fair. And then posted it for us all to think about!

    The nice thing about frying potatoes at home is you can do it in oil that's not so bad for the heart. And eat just a little, enough to feel you have had a treat but not so much that you overload your system. I don't even need to dip the potato in batter. It's a treat just crisped up nicely.