Saturday, 26 August 2006

Developer's goals

In Sydney, it's often said that property developers rule. This sculpture is located in one of the most controversial development sites in central Sydney in recent years - World Square. For many years it was a huge ugly hole in the ground.

This sculpture is called "The Challenge". The attached plaque says:

"The bull, a mythological beast, is the embodiment of spirituality and symbolises the qualities of strength, endurance and tenacity necessary in meeting the many challenges encountered in achieving success.

OSW Properties, the developer of this site, admires these qualities and applies them in setting it's [sic] own goals in the development industry."

Maybe its first goal should be to learn to use its correctly on public plaques. Own goal, OSW Properties, despite the bravado.


  1. Maybe just cut'em off ;)

  2. You forgot the "spew alert" my keyboard gets to have a bath to clean the coffee from it! LOL

    Interesting angle...

  3. Interesting. Super ballsy bravado all right. (own goal; that's funny)

  4. Someone had some "balls" to sculpt that now, hum?


    Here, usually testicles of any mammal is not displayed. We get the penis of an animal, and on naked human sculptures? As if nothing was ever there...for both male and female, lol!

    Nice angle, lol...

  5. ROFL! And now we have to add a huge, ugly hole in the SCULPTURE! GEEZ! That sure is a ballsy piece! Too funny! ;-)

  6. Do you ever read "Pseuds' Corner" in "Private Eye"? Think it's even on-line.
    This stuff would guarantee a place of honour!