Saturday, 28 February 2009

Swim Between The Flags At Bronte

Bronte is renowned for dangerous currents and rips. The designated swimming area on the beach is quite small.

This post is a bit of a cheaty fudge. Originally I posted the photo now showing for March 1 on Sat 28th, but I've swapped them around, cos I forgot March 1 was CDP Theme Day - Glass.


  1. Well if they all swam in that tichy space they'd be like sardines. It looks a bit rough too.

    How do they pick the area that's safe?

  2. Looking today at this photo, you're going to make me cry... Happily, I could have a bath for the next day...
    I wanted to do a surprise to Nathalie on wenesday but she could not come at the end, so I have a tea this afternoon with her just to chat.
    I sent her the picture and it was a real surprise!

  3. Hi Anne! I am so please it worked out. Sorry that photo wasn't very good - I guess taking it in to the afternoon sun wasn't the smartest idea ;-)
    All the best.

  4. Excellent picture of a beach - it's not easy to get them good like this.
    (Good job on the swap - at least you did not forget that it was March 1st. :)