Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Coogee 5 - Reading The News at Wylie's

A great way to relax on a Saturday morning - reading the papers by the sea.

This photo was taken on Saturday 7 February, the day that Victoria suffered the worst bushfires in history. However, when I took this, they were not yet underway, certainly not the night before when the paper was printed. The cartoon shows Prime Minister Kevin Rudd hosing down the fire of the global financial crisis (with his economic stimulus package), and the Leader of the Opposition, Malcolm Turnbull, telling him not to waster water, ie not to spend all the resources at once. A bit ironic.


  1. so sad about the fire and lost lives.
    very thoughtful post Sally, i like both photos, nice to see the whole scene

  2. I love these photos, Sally. I still can't quite believe it about the fires. I put up a link to the Australian Red Cross on my blog. These shots are a nice reminder of peaceful, happy, uneventful times.

  3. Nice one Sally be to warm for me but looks good