Sunday, 15 February 2009

Coogee 3 - Wylie's Baths

Just a few metres south of the Women's Pool is Wylie's Baths. Last Saturday, when the temperature was soaring, I spent the day at Wylie's. This was the day when the devastating bushfires took hold hundreds of kilometres south, in Victoria. For the next few days, dip your toes in the water, and enjoy the cool, refreshing water with me.
Below: you can see the Women's Pool in the middle distance, and Coogee Beach beyond. The Coogee Beach pool, with which this series began is around the corner tucked in to the southern end of the beach, and so hidden from view.

Wylie's dates from 1907, when it was established by Henry Alexander Wylie, a champion long sistance and underwater swimmer. His daughter, Wilhemina (Mina) and her friend Fanny Durack were the first two women to represent Australia in Olympic swimming. They won a silver and gold medal respectively. We'll see more of Mina in coming days.
The Baths were one of the first mixed gender bathing pools in Australia. In the mid 1970s they were severley damaged by storms and closed for a while. They were reopened in 1978 and renovated in 1994. They are classified as a heritage item by the National Trust.


  1. Really nice series this, Sal. I was down this very area on Saturday with my Dad. The sea was wild and wooley then ... much better the way you are showing it.

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  3. G'day Sally.

    Sorry for this late reply. I only just saw your comment on my latest blog. I've been neglecting my blog for quite some time now since it is uni holidays after all.

    To answer your question, I did see your Australian Open photos. They were awesome. In fact, all of the photos you take be it tennis, scenery/nature, they're all spectacular.

    A secret: I come by your site and take a look at your scenery pictures when I'm feeling down haha. They're quite therapeutical. Thank you for being such a great photographer.