Sunday, 22 February 2009

Crab hunting, Mahon Pool Maroubra

These kids were busy looking at the odd crab scuttling across the rocks around the edge of Mahon Pool at Maroubra. If you look really carefully at the photo to the left you might be able to spot one. But they're pretty well camouflaged!


  1. Poor little crab...! Kids have the same cruel game here, but they still have to wait some months!
    I do enjoy your last shots, Sally, and I love the way you live in your area. Tomorrow, we'll see a report about "Australia, the magic country" on a French TV. Sigh.

  2. What do they do with these crabs? I see him in the smaller photo and he's beautiful. Lovely shot of kids having fun. Hope they put the crab back tho.

  3. You can both rest assurred they were just looking at the crab, not picking it up and taking it or anything!