Monday, 2 February 2009

Bronte 8 - Reading

Did you know that Australia has the highest melanoma rate in the world? Not a world record to be at all excited about. According to the Cancer Council the incidence of melanoma in Australia and is around four times higher than in Canada, the UK and the US. However, mortality rates for melanoma in Australia are quite low compared to other countries.

I read once that its incidence is really on the rise in countries in Northern Europe, now that its fair-skinned population gets sunburned more often on Mediterranean holidays. You can always tell the British and Irish backpackers on Sydney beaches - they're the ones out in the blazing sun in the middle of the day, and often beetroot red!

The swimmers on this day were out and about early - this photo was taken about 9:20am. I can't speak for the others, but i was in the shade then inside by 10.30!


  1. Love the photo-dare I suggest a British builder on holiday!

  2. there are only tattooed in Australia

  3. Definitely looks like builder's bum!

    I heard about these statistics recently on a TV programme about emigrating to Oz. Yes we see these mad folks on holiday every summer in Greece. My husband is one of them although he's covered in sunscreen so he's not beetroot red. I've given up yakking on and on about it to my family, just can't understand them. They can't understand why I never sunbathe. I still get a light tan even with Factor 30 plastered on me.

  4. I'm just up the road in Newcastle. I think your photos do Australia proud but the statistics? No!

  5. Hee... here in the US we call it plumber's crack. :-)

    He may end up with a sunburn in a place where the sun (doesn't usually) shine!

  6. No answer, so I try once more :-)

    Hello Sally,
    I discover your blog because of Nathalie. I live in Avignon, and I first discover Nathalie's blog when it was about Sydney, and then by luck she came close to me in Avignon, I live in a small village in the Gard, 10 kilometers from Avignon.
    My husband has got a daughter who lives in Sydney.
    First, she had a flat with her husband on Tamarama beach, with a two year old daughter, and they moved six monthes ago in an house on Bronte beach. (An now a second little girl is born in November).
    And that's why Nathalie gave me your blog address to see your last pictures!
    And it was great to have a look and try to read your blog and the other one with the swimming pools!
    I thought I could meet Nathalie and have a drink with her in Sydney but now it is not so easy , but maybe we could meet together, it would be nice for me to meet you;
    Not sure I can speak english easily, I have always to improve it...
    If you're ok, you can send me an e-mail and we could do a surprise to Nathalie and send her a photo.
    She doesn't know I write to you!;-)
    Best regards

  7. Hi AnneduSud
    I'd be pleased to meet you - sounds good. And never fear - your English will be 100 x as good as my French!
    I don't have an email address for you, so contact me at

    Look forward to it


  8. Halcyon - indeed! I was hoping someone would want to take up the obvious "theme" . Builder's crack in Australia too - tho as usual with these things I've heard Plumbers' as well. We are bilingual here, you know!