Monday, 9 February 2009

Clovelly 2 - the pool

You didn't really think there's be a story about Clovelly without a pic of the pool did you? Kids' Saturday morning swimming races were on when I visited.


  1. I always associate photos of pools with you, Sally. Looks like a lovely facility.

  2. Mmmm could fancy a dip in that!

  3. Bet you need this pool right now.

  4. Well Sally, You and Australia are my last continent for the day! I took a virtual tour around the world, visiting at least one city daily photo blog per continent. It was fun. I enjoyed seeing your blog. The motif seems to be WATER.

    I am new at this city daily photo stuff. Stop by if you get a chance. My tomorrow post (will show up in about 6 hours) has water. Stop by if you get a chance!


    Greensboro Daily photo

  5. I really want to jump in that pool. Lovely shot, Sally.