Sunday, 8 February 2009

Clovelly 1 - that Mediterranean feeling

We're leaving Bronte for a while now and following the coast south (the Sculpture By The Sea series in November last year covered much of the territory between Tamarama and Bondi, which are the beaches north of Bronte). Last weekend I went to Clovelly, so we'll have a look at that most "Mediterranean" of Sydney beaches for the next few days.
The reason it reminds me most closely of the Med is its calm waters and the concrete surrounds, with steps down to the water at regular intervals. Last time I swam from a concrete promenade at a beach with a great cafe overlooking the water was probably somewhere in Greece!

Clovelly does have a sand beach at one end, and a concrete sea water pool, but its main attraction is the calm, shallow waters perfect for snorkelling. The most famous residents are the blue gropers (see yesterday's entry).

I swam about 4 laps of the bay, from beach to the breakwater entrance and back - the length of the bay is about 350 metres. The day was hot, and the water cool (about 21 degrees - it's been pretty "fresh" this year)

Photos taken 31 January 2009


  1. Do you have to stand behind the yellow line in case a train comes in?

  2. You really do have a lot of nice swimming areas! I hope I make it "down under" one of these days.

  3. Looks lovely. Not a bit like Clovelly in Devon!
    I'm gearing up for our trip to Rhodes. The sea is quite warm but I tend to stick to the pools these days even though I learned to swim in the North Sea. Mad fool that I am.