Monday, 16 February 2009

Coogee 4 - More Wylie's Baths

I love the elevated platform, boardwalk at Wylie's. You can sunbake on the deck, sit under a canopy sipping a latte and eating cake from the cafe, just stare out to sea or on fellow swimmers, even have a massage in that small white tent near the umbrellas.

Any Australian readers catch the first episodes of the drama about 1970s organised drug crime, Underbelly, last week? One scene was a brutal fight, which was filmed from about the spot I took the photo at left.


  1. I have not seen Underbelly, but I heard there were some shark attacks last week. That's enough to scare me out of the water! Although all these beautiful baths are so tempting.

  2. love the baths now I have seen the shady bits