Saturday, 2 September 2006

Wattle Day

September 1 is Wattle Day. Here's a lovely example from my local area.

Wattle (acacia) is the Australian national floral emblem.


  1. I didn't know about wattle day.. thanks for informing me! Wattle it be tommorrow I wonder?!

  2. Beautiful colour, beautiful flowers!

  3. Dear Sally,

    thanks for your reply at my post in thorntree. It's not easy to give up a whole life (journalism, domestic trekking and so on...) to exlore a new land and thus any encouragement is much appreciated!

    Maybe I can follow your advice and do some agricultural work while my English and my knowdlege of the place are improving.

    Ah, talking about the pics. Are you sure that those yellow flowers are acacia? The Italians one I well know (I am a guide after all...) are white. Maybe there are different species. I'll chek it out on the dictionary.