Friday, 22 September 2006

Luna Park

Quick quiz: which famous New York City building are the "towers" flanking the Luna Park entrance face modelled?

Luna Park opened in 1935, and still provides entertainment for (mainly) children.


  1. Can't resist de-lurking for a quick quizz!

    How about The Chrysler Building ?

  2. :-)

    I was so busy de-lurking that I forgot to say how much I enjoy your Daily Posts, the photos give a wonderful insight into your city and the links are fab. Thanks.

  3. I have been to the one in Melbourne. Maybe the next time in Syd, I should visit this one.

  4. I've got one or two photos of Luna Park which I took from the air, as I took the helicopter flight over the city.

  5. Love the entrance; could be pretty scary for a kid. Empire State Building.

  6. pal - thanks so much
    keropok - no Big Dipper in Sydney; after it re-opened after a devastating fire that killed several children (attributed to one of Sydney's biggest crooks), local resiodents, led by architect harry Seidler, responsible for one of the greatest eyesore high rises in Sydney, objected.
    gail's manhelicopter flight over Sydney would be great!
    santy - it is! specially if you have kids with you.