Friday, 8 September 2006

Suburban houses

This neat row of approx 1930s/40s houses makes a pretty uniform streetscape, despite the individual touches evident. Pretty typical suburban houses of the era, found in the middle ring suburbs about 10 to 25 kms from the city centre. The dark brick is fairly distinctively Sydney - you will see lots of it. Typically these will be 2 or 3 bedroom, be set on about 400-500 sq m of land, and nowadays in this suburb (Tempe) I estimate would cost about $600 000. In trendier suburbs, expect to pay quite a bit more.


  1. Oh I love this suburban houses. Very neat and .. it's just pretty. May I have one?

  2. gosh, cant afford it :D
    what about cost of an apartment/condo?

  3. They look typically British, matbe we share the same designers Sally?

    Curly's Photoshop