Friday, 15 September 2006

My homage to swimming

At 6.01 am most weekday mornings, I am the first to slip into the pool at the gym. I swim 1.5 kms, which takes about 38 minutes...(which means I won't be challenging Grant Hackett, the current short course - 25 m pool - world record holder's 14:10:10 or his long course - 50m - record at 14:34:56 any time soon!)

Some mid-winter mornings I've had the pool to myself the entire time. Now it's light at that time, a few more lappers arrive as well, though I still generally get the first few minutes to myself...I love that solitude - just me and the water.

I love the silky feel of the water as I glide through it, and it's a great way to start the day. I prefer the lane second from the left (for some reason I can't explain). I can't imagine my life without swimming. I remember teaching myself to swim at about age 4, and it's been my preferred form of physical activity for the past 45 years.


  1. Good on you Sally. There is no way I could manage this distance in the pool.

  2. Oh Sally this is a wonderful shot. The soft colours, the perfect reflection, but more than that, it's a spirited photo.

    I'm a very keen swimmer myself, my standard length is anything between 1 and 2 kms depending on the day, but I hate swimming in winter, so haven't been for months now.

    Only once did I turn up at my local pool at 5:45 am (in summer) and I was flabbergasted to see that it was already awash with arms and legs action(I eventually found they had left a quiet lane in the middle for tourists like me). I can't think of this happening anywhere in France. For starters, the pool wouldn't open before 8am at the very best!

  3. Thanks paul - I have a vested interest in trying to mantain a regular regime. Diabetes and overweight are endemic in my family, and my dad recently died of complications arising from diabetes.

  4. Hi Sally, I have just found your site from Santy's blog in Jakarta. As a transplanted Sydney girl, it so nice to see pictures of the most beautiful city in the world.