Thursday, 21 September 2006

McIvers Baths - Women Only

McIvers Baths is under a cliff face, on a rock platform between Coogee Beach and Wylies Baths. The baths have magnificent oceans views and are relatively well screened from the surrounding area. (I took the shot from inside.)

The baths were built in 1886, but according to the National Trust it has been a popular swimming spot for women since before 1876.

This pool (entrance donation 20 cents) is popular with nuns, Muslim women, lesbians, and elderly women (well women of all ages, really). In 1995, after a challenge in the courts, it was granted an exemption under the Anti-Discrimination Act to continue operating as women-only.

Lots more photos to be seen here.


  1. I'm blogging this very quickly Sally to be sure Blogger doesn't shut me out.

    Be sure to see the "tip" I left on the Guardian newspaper website regarding your blog.

    Hope it brings you some interested viewers!

  2. sounds like an interesting place to visit!

  3. Lovely photo Sally, I always like pictures of the sea and water and this one is very charming. interesting that they had to face the anti-discrimination act to continue operations...