Thursday, 7 September 2006

Fig tree

Roots of a fig tree in Hyde Park.


  1. Sally,

    What a tree! I just planted a fig ... I'd have to be reincarnated 10 times to see it this size.

    Thanks for the tip about the Lonely Planet message board. I found some Paris hotel recommendatons and forwarded them to my friend.

    Nice photos!


  2. Hey there Sally, how have you been?

    I think I've sat under this tree!

  3. I love those trees in Hyde Park.

  4. I took some pictures with my kids in front of one of these trees in this park in 2004...perhaps the same?

  5. barbscoot - great :-)
    edwin - I'm fine, but workign very hard organising a major, major conference. It's in 2 weeks. Then I might just collapse onto a sofa!

    Some of the trees in the park, especially in the central avenue, are diseased and they have to be removed. Unfortunate, but they will be replaced by something good I think. Even trees have a lifespan.

  6. this a fig tree?? and a thought that Italy was the country of fig trees. I've never seen one that big here!

  7. Wow, how old! Beautiful tree.