Monday, 18 September 2006

One victory away from the Grand Final

Local Rugby League team, the St George Illawarra Dragons have to win one more game next Saturday (the Preliminary Final) to ensure themselves a place in this year's Grand Final.

The Dragons merchandise area at the local sports store should be moving well, though things were fairly quiet when I was in there yesterday.


  1. Super color capture in this shot! My friend Eric in Berkeley, CA tapes all the televised rugby games from Australia and elsewhere and faithfully watches them in the evenings with his family. Cal Berkeley has an excellent team (one of the celebrated 9/11 Flight 93 passengers named Mark was a former Cal Rugby player). My daughter's scout leader was on Cal's women's team, and I'll not forget the day she showed up with a cleat print firmly bruised into her face. Rugby players and fans are absolutely bonkers! The enthusiasm is evident in your photo!

  2. Hi kim~

    I bet your friend is watching the game called Rugby whichis otherwise known as Rugby Union! Rugby League is a slightly different game (variant) which is not played so much in other countries. Too boring to explain the difference!

    Union afficianados desribe it as 'the game game played in heaven'.

    Neither code of rugby is played so much by women here. Shame.

    Thanks for the compliment re colour - yes, that's what drew me to the snap, not the content itself so much!! ;-)