Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Mad Hatter

Work brings me to Melbourne for a few days. So forgive me while I tread others' paths! The City Hatter is an institution - in Flinders St next to the station. I bought an Akubra in here many, many (30?) years ago.


  1. Sydney's silly Sally spotted several sexy stetsons!

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  3. Must be a rarity now, a shop just selling hats. Probably would struggle here in the UK, no matter how well known they are.

  4. Nice shot!

    Did you know that hatters were "mad hatters" because they went mad from mercury poisoning? They would use liquid mercury to give felt hats their shape. They'd mold the hats in the mercury with their bare hands and end up stark-raving-mad as a result of mercury poisoning. Hence, the expression, madder than a hatter.