Monday, 10 August 2009

Paddington Reservoir Garden - a bit of history Part II

Above: The roof of the park collapsed in 1990. Debate raged about what to do with the site. In 2006, work commenced to ensure conservation and adaptive reuse of the site.

Below: Enjoying the garden today. Juniper Hall is in the background, across Oxford St.

I think it is an excellent regeneration of an urban space.


  1. I quite agree. There is a tendency for councils just to knock down old buildings, rather than restore them. Glad to know the Sydney's council knows better, just like they did with the QVB.

  2. Lori Lynn Mathis17 August, 2009 13:59

    This restoration looks great.

    Always so glad to see your daily photos and commentary.

    I also just looked at the very interesting Asian method of keeping track of take out orders. Truly ingenious.

    And finally, your presentation of the daily max and min atmospheric conditions was great to see. When we were in Sydney in December 2007, we would never have had guessed you have a typical coastal winter. What do us American's on Holiday know.

    Thanks for your hard work putting this Daily Photo site together.

    Sincerely, L.

  3. Until this weekend, when I flew to Sydney for a conference, I had never heard of the reservoir and the gardens. But I was walking down Oxford St, as you do in a city distant from home, and found them accidentally. Isn't walking the absolutely best way to see new places?

    Thank you for this history. Now I will have to go and read some more.