Saturday, 15 August 2009


All of a sudden this week I noticed that that fuzzy haze of green attached to spring has appeared on trees around Sydney.

I really, truly don't understand people who whinge about "winter" in Sydney. It's short, not especially wet, and the lowest average maximum daytime temperature is in July when the average minimum is 8, average maximum is 16.3 (that's 46.4 to 61.3 for the USAnians amongst you).

The lowest minimum this winter (June , July, August) has been 5.9 (42.6) deg on August 9th.
The highest minimum has been 15.7 (60.3) deg on July 1st.
The lowest maximum has been 16.3 (61.3) deg on 10th August.
The highest maximum has been 23.5 (74.3) deg on 7th August.

Today it reached 22.1 (71.8 deg) and tomorrow the forecast is for 28 (82.4 deg).

As I write this now at 7.44pm, it's 16.4 (61.5) deg.

(All statistics are for central Sydney Observatory Hill. Away from the coast it gets both cooler and warmer)


  1. Spring has sprung early this year and tomorrow is expected to be a scorcher at 28 degrees. More like summer than winter.

  2. And therein the reason I miss Sydney so much. Philadelphia just doesn't compare.

  3. That look nice.

    You're right, that winter is nowt to moan about. Practically summer in the UK!

  4. Agree, winter is mild, but I'd love to experience at least one miserable, bleak, snowy winter!
    Lately I've noticed, the economists like to use 'green shoots' talk.
    The word verification here is SUNhess!

  5. Funny you should post this - yesterday I noticed the blossom on my backyard trees, One of them was simply covered with blossoms.

    The Travelling Teapot

  6. It's rather the same here. Suddenly it's winter and equally suddenly it's spring. I know I grumble tho all the time - it's too hot (like now) it's too cold, it's too wet, it's too dry. Maybe it's a gene!

    Of course you are right - we both live in easy climates.

    Love the shot and the buds.

  7. I'm afraid I'm one of those people that whinge about how cold it is! My hands are always cold, bring on summer and temps above 25! It is nice to see spring arriving.

    I love your photos and the words that go with them. I use to live in Penrith and it's amazing how little I saw of Sydney! Such a pity really.