Sunday, 2 August 2009

Magnificent magnolia

Our beautiful bright sunny winter days continue. I took a trip to inner suburb Paddington this afternoon - we'll have a look around a bit more over the next few days.
In Oatley Rd, this magnificent magnolia tree is in full and glorious bloom. I loved the effect of the blooms in front of the traditional wrought iron "Paddington lacework" on the facades of the terrace houses.


  1. Sydney's suburban Sally shot sweet subject!

  2. Leif is at it again...such sweet alliteration. Photo of the magnolias is sweet also!

  3. There are some of these in my neighborhood, too. Well, there should be .... since the area is named Magnolia -:)

    Love this kind of crisp light. Very nice, Sally.

  4. What blossoms. Heavenly, Sally - meaning the flowers, the tree, the photograph and of course, you!

  5. Magnolias are stately looking aren't they? A friend lives in a stret called Magnolia Avenue and many years ago I told them they should get all the people in the street to plant a magnolia outside their houses - they might becomefamous! They didn't, and they're not.

    Lovely photo btw.