Sunday, 23 August 2009


There's a theory that Australia's predominance in tennis has waned as suburban backyards are subdivided and housing density becomes greater, and kids spend more time inside than they used to.

All that is true; I'm not sure about any causal link, however. Maybe it's just that other nations got richer, sport became professional and more money was devoted to spotting talent and developing it.

There's certainly no shortage of public and hirable tennis courts where I live.

What was once a common sight - a private backyard tennis court in the suburbs has become a rarity. This one around the corner from me has fallen on hard times; I expect in due course the land will be built on.


  1. there was a grass tennis court near where in grew up in brisbane; into the 80s, no-one maintained it, it was just flat grass in the 1990s, probably some kind of building on it now

  2. Such a shame. The Arncliffe tennis courts were a well known haunt of mine as a kid. Such a shame they built townhouses on them.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs