Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Relaxing in the sun

This couple were enjoying the winter sun last Sunday, at the Paddington Reservoir Gardens. We'll take a closer look at the gardens, located in the structure of an old reservoir, tomorrow. The building across the road is Paddington Town Hall.


  1. ooo ... goodie ... I have been meaning to have a look around that ever since it opened earlier this year but it is so hard to get a park around there.

  2. Sydney's sunny Sally sneaks snaps Sundays!

  3. Haven't seen the completed work here yet. Looks great with all the greenery.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  4. I love their posture. From the thumbnail photo on the portal I thought they were spying on something, lying low to remain out of view. Think of the story one could write!

    I hope you're well.
    Cheers from the summer side of the world.

  5. The weather in Sydney permits this. You would never see anyone do this in Singapore. hehe..

    oh.. maybe some tourist do. :-p

  6. Nice photo Sally. A picture says a thousand words (or so it is said). That couple look so relaxed and carefree.