Thursday, 6 August 2009

According to the City of Sydney website, "Paddington Reservoir Gardens has already been described as a combination of the Baths of Caracalla and The Hanging Gardens of Babylon."

When I peered in to the locked area of the East Chamber, I was reminded of Istanbul's underground cistern, Yerebatan Saray, except the latter is much more grand. As are the Baths of Caracalla! There are photos of it illuminated which are much nicer than these of mine. Some vibrant graffiti art has been preserved in this chamber, which provides a new space for community and cultural activities.
Today is Hiroshima Day - please spare a moment to remember.


  1. I find it annoying that we compare our "treasures" to something overseas. I wonder why we continue to do that? Why not just enjoy them for what they represent to us. As you hint, the comparisons are often laughable ... and embarrassing.

  2. Sydney's spelling Sally sometimes shows sunny syllables!

  3. They were lucky with the position of these letters, otherwise there could have been an interesting word or two running downwards!