Friday, 28 August 2009

Collins St, 5pm, 2009

I've always liked Melbourne artist John Brack's works. There's currently a retrospective of his work, which I missed in's in Adelaide now. So when I visited the National Gallery of Victoria's Potter Centre there was not a Brack to be seen.

But as I was walking back along Collins St, I decided to stop at precisely 5pm, and snap whatever I saw. So, here, in homage to Brack's bleak view of Collins St, 5pm (1955) is my photo.

Collins St is lined with the Melbourne headquarters of most if not all the major banks present in Australia. So it is often populated by bankers and "stiffs" like in Bracks' painting. These days though they mostly carry backpacks (yes even pinstripe suit types in melb often carry a small pack - I think they often contain gym clothes for a visit before or after work) ,and many wear earphones from their iPods and are preoccupied with hand held smart phones.

In Bracks' painting, the Bank of New South Wales takes up a third of the width, so I was pleased to find myself opposite Westpac Bank, which is what the Bank of New South Wales is known as today.


  1. I loved the exhibition, when it was on in Melbourne, and wrote up his earlier works at great length. Since I identified Brack as Melbourne's own artist, it would be interesting to see how a Sydney-sider views him.

    If you don't mind, I will create a link to your post. Hope you are enjoying Melbourne

  2. I love the stylized people in the painting. Very original!

  3. Sydney's sightseeing Sally suddenly spotted smartphone "stiff" sashaying...

  4. A shame you didn't stand in the same position, as I like those "then and now" comparison pictures.

  5. Love the way that you incorporate art in your blog!

    I think I successfully installed my new modem, have new service, and am permanently back online. Hope so!!