Sunday, 4 November 2007

Tasmania - seafood and wine

Dinner at Coles Bay, featuring seafood pasta and a delightful pinot noir, as well as a rain-washed view.


  1. One week in Tasmania. Lucky girl!
    Beware the Devil! It might have been exported from the Cueva of Salamanca... ;)))

  2. That looks delicious. Enjoy your holiday.

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  4. In the Coles Bay region, and you photograph a meal? Sacrilege.

  5. Yes, Norman. Funnily enough an arrival after 6pm doesn't allow for much else in the way of photography, especially when it's raining, misty, and a ferocious wind blowing.

    And Tasmanian wine and seafood is pretty bloody good.

    So sad you couldn't join us - your envy is showing.

  6. Oh. that looks absolutely delicious! fresh seafood from Taz.

    I have not gone there yet. I shall start saving money. :-p