Friday, 16 November 2007

Sculpture By The Sea - "lemon tree"

Lots of school children were visiting the sculptures when I was there. Itwas great to se lots of young people engaging with the art. The orgaisers even published a children's activity book based around the exhibits.

Artist Irene Hoppenberg of Germany said about her work: " Yellow represents light. For me the lemons are a symbol of the southern countries and the sun."

For me, this work combines two icons of the Aussie suburban backyard - the Hills Hoist rotary clothes line and the lemon tree.

By the way, I am in love with the house high on the hill overlooking Tamarama Beach. It strikes me as somethign Jilly in Menton might post!


  1. Sally, you are so right. That gorgeous house could easily have been photographed in Menton. In fact the shutters are the same colour as mine! That's a very typical local colour that is used for shutters.

    And funnily enough, the lemon photograph too - well not quite, but Menton is known for its lemons and we hold a Lemon Festival in February.

    I'm just catching up and adore your Bella from yesterday and the beach scene from the day before.

    Thanks a lot for the mention today.

  2. Love the lemon tree, I bet it smells good, too - very creative and colorful

  3. AH ! We definitely wtach at things in same way. My first thought before to read your caption was: "Oh it looks like a house built in South Europe and by the sea..." :-)))))

  4. i just laugh when i saw this.

    how clever it is!

  5. I love them, both the lemon tree and the house!!!

  6. Yes, I could live there. I think Tamarama is a beautiful beach too.

  7. Lemon tree very pretty
    and the lemon flower is sweet
    but the fruit of the poor lemon
    is impossible to eat...

    Aaaah a very Aussie version of the lemon tree. So local. Love it.

    Thanks for this series about Sculptures by the sea, I'm enjoying it so much. You could keep posting more until the end of the month, as far as I'm concerned!

    And you're so right about the mediterranean house!

  8. Love the lemon tree/tent. The colors are just spectacular.