Monday, 19 November 2007

Sculpture By The Sea - Subject To Condition

According to the artist, Gary Deirmendjian, "appearing conscious he is depicted as being either raised or lowered - the choice does not seem to be his. He is wet by and subject to the tides of his condition."

My first comment was "What's Peter Garrett doing here?"

[Garrett is the former lead singer of Midnight Oil, now a politician representing the Labor Party in the area where Sculpture By The Sea takes place. There is an election next Saturday for the federal government; Garrett is probably safe in his seat. ]


  1. He looks ghostly white! Be sure to visit my blog tomorrow, November 20th because I cite you in the comments.

  2. Hmmm...My first thought was, "I guess the shrinkage must be because he's all wet!"


  3. My first reaction was that it's a gerat idea to hold Sculpture by the SEa, the second that this is rather peculiar - bit scary really, especially the face - and the third, my goodness, Peter Garrett is a politician!