Saturday, 3 November 2007

Something you don't see very often in Sydney

Sydney has had water restrictions for some years, due to drought. The government has announced that some restrictions will remain permanently. It is illegal at the moment to have fixed sprinklers watering gardens and lawns, unless you have a source of bore water, which houses in this are of Sydney (Ramsgate, Monterey, Sans Souci) do. They display a sign outside saying so.

I'm off today for a (well-deserved) break for a week in Tasmania. I hope to be able to keep posting, maybe some exotica from The Apple Isle.


  1. Enjoy your vacation but stay away from the Tasmanian Devil. :-)

  2. I understand water restrictions in Australia but I don't understand them in England where it rains all the time!

    Have a great time in Tassie. Do photograph Salamanca market on the waterfront in Hobart - if you are there on a Saturday, that is. I miss it!

    Have a great time! Go and eat at:

    I used to live in their old house at Tinderbox.

  3. This lawn must be watered frequently because it looks so lush and green.