Sunday, 29 July 2007

Three Bridges and Bicentennial Park, Glebe Point

Sunday morning on the edge of Rozelle Bay (which is part of Sydney Harbour) at Glebe Point. This is a couple of hundred metres from the tram stop shown yesterday.

The bridges are the Anzac Bridge in the foreground; the old Glebe island Bridge in the middle. Well I remember waiting to cross here as it lifted to allow ships to pass through. It was replaced by the much higher Anzac bridge, so is no longer in operation; Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

You may see them better in the cropped picture(despite loss of quality of pic):


  1. It looks chilly but nice. I like the lace construction of the bridge.

  2. Words can't do justice to this bridge shot.
    If only the viewers could be there to see it in the flesh, and in 4 dimensions. (The 4th being driving over and around it; the 5th, being the changing light play.
    Think how Ayers rock changes colour during the day.
    This is lovely, sally.

  3. Gosh. Fantastic shots. I like that bridge a lot.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Down Memory Lane

  4. superbe vue sur ce magnifique pont. je le trouve vraiment magnifique

    superb sight on this splendid bridge. I find it really splendid

  5. The photos are great but the last photo is spectacular, Sally. Wow!

  6. What a fascinating angle this pic. is. You continually surprise me in my own city!

  7. Great photograph! I like the bridge so much. How long is it?

  8. The bridge is 805 metres in total length. The concrete towers are 120m high.

  9. Just a correction on the Glebe Island Bridge ( The original one). it's a swing bridge, like the Pyrmont bridge and doesn't lift. Maybe your thinking of the Spit bridge.