Monday, 30 July 2007

This is Australia (for Ben)

I couldn't choose which photo of images from the side of an outside broadcast van to feature, but in honour of my cricket-mad son, went for the top one. It may well be winter, but training for the next cricket season starts this week!

If you want to see the "big picture", ans some close ups of other images, click here to visit Sydney Daily Photo Extras. Here's a teaser:


  1. Oh dear, must you remind me of cricket Sally? Looks like we are about to lose to India now!

    Today I have the Red Arrows.

    South Shields Daily Photo

  2. One change I regret, Sally, is the dramatic decrease in the proportion of youngsters actually playing cricket, even if those watching it have increased quite impressively.

  3. c'est superbe, ce jeux d'ombre est magnifique. un vrai poster. Cela fait un tres beau panoramique

    it is superb, this plays of shade is splendid. a true poster.
    That makes very beautiful panoramic

  4. Sally - thanks for your comment today. We both have a sports theme.

    I have watched cricket on TV while traveling and I don't quite get it. The bowler, batsman, wicket and running back and forth are obvious but the subtleties escape me. True, many parts of the world are cricket mad - I remember seeing buses in Delhi carrying advertisements that read, "Think cricket. Live cricket. Drink Coca Cola." Must have it all explained to me one day.

    Do you know where the word cricket comes from?

  5. Wonderful image, very eye-catching!

  6. What an arresting image! I've been reading about Scherenschnitte -- papercuts -- recently and this reminds me of that.

  7. WoW...these are some amazing shots there...very nicely captured!

  8. The image shows some parts of leisure enjoyed in Australia. I love the vivid and wild colours.