Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Another day, another picnic, La Perouse

A family picnic beside the Barrack Tower, La Perouse. It has been there since the early 1820s to prevent smugglers entering Botany Bay unseen. It is the oldest building still in existence on the shores of the bay. From the 1830s it was a Customs House, and in 1868 it was used as a local school. Restored by the La Perouse Monuments Trust, 1961.

I think they just look cold!
At least it's not as cold as this morning, which is apparently the coldest Sydney morning for 21 years (4 degrees at 7 am in the east, -1 in the western suburbs - oh how we Sydney-siders suffer ;-)


  1. this is funny because in Madrid is REALLY HOT right now!!
    but I understand, you're on the other side of the planet! Anyway you people seem to handle with the cold weather and have a nice time! :)

  2. You can't beat a good family day out Sally, the bonuses of finding something historic just add to the event.

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  3. We should pipe in some natural air-con from Sydney to Singapore!

    We have been having air conditioning on all the time the last few weeks. It has been extremely humid too!

    Hmmm wonder what food did they pack for the picnic. haha..

  4. Bloody cold indeed Sally!
    The neighbours' roofs were white with frost this morning, and so was our car!
    I don't think I've ever seen this here before!

  5. Fabulous photos Sally and history lesson! Nice to see a local Aussie family out for a picnic! Also loved the dive photos - had no idea that the water was so clear out at Bare Island. M.B's architect daughter built some high rise apartments at La Perouse last year I think.
    Nathalie - it's freezing in Adelaide too. Winter in Australia has always been a myth which we deny of course! Roll on summer ...

  6. My first reaction....brrrr! Hearty folks but a pleasant day obviously for this family!

  7. tres belle cette tour, on dirait qu'elle a ete construite avec des cubes en bois ;o) le soleil n'etait pas du pique-nique ;o(

    very beautiful this tower, one would say that it was built with cubes out of wooden ;O) the sun was not picnic ;O(

  8. The people look cold and seem to have dressed for the cold. I like your photo Sally. I think it is very nice.

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  9. Yes, they DO look cold! Thanks for enthusiasm for Webb Ellis on Menton!

    Hope you win...don't tell the French - or the Welsh.

  10. Lovely shot, and it looks like it was very nicely restored!

  11. You know we hado have to be reminded that while we are enjoying a sorta summy summer...you are chillly and cold. Go figure.

  12. My first thought when seeing those folks is that they don't seem to be enjoying the picnic very much. But they are braver than me because I could never sit in the cold for "fun" the way they are doing.

    Sally, you have a great eye for photography and I always feel as if I've been on tour with you when I visit this site. Wonderful stuff.

  13. They so don't look like they are having fun! They look like they are miserable and freezing.

    But hey! Anything for a family picnic outside! lol!