Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The Britstop is a 1949 London double-decker bus, available for private hire. The website says:

"The upper deck consists of a British rock 'n' roll/London themed 'booth' style seating area with posters, memorabilia, music and lights.
The lower deck consists of a 'space age' themed party room/dance floor with a iPod music system to choose your favorite tunes and bar area with cool boxes filled with ice for BYO cans and casks and a table for BYO buffet food or organised catering if required.
Unfortunately, due to Government regulations, this area can only be utilised when the Bus is stationary so we will be sure to stop at some great locations and use 'the britstop'™ as the venue! "


  1. None too modern is it. I like these older London style buses. Your photo is nice and I see attracted some attention from the top level passengers.

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  2. toute une semaine en rouge à Sydney ;o) il est superbe ce bus impérial.

    a whole week in red in Sydney ;O) it is superb this imperial bus.

  3. The lower level is large enough to have a dance floor?? I like the friendly passenger above.

  4. Ah I miss the old routemasters. All them have been recently replaced by the bendy buses. :(

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  5. You know, Sally, I've seen these Brit buses in a number of cities around the world. I read somewhere that the film industry is behind this.

  6. We used to have buses like this in Sydney, too....just they were painted yellow and green....

  7. Most reliable buses in the world they are. Great fun hopping on and off the platform at the rear.

    Nice shot.

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  8. Think Cliff Richard should be abroad singing Summer Holiday.

  9. the idea is original (love these buses !!). nice photo