Friday, 20 July 2007

Primate, Sir Joseph Banks Park, Botany

Still in the park we visited yesterday....

In the nineteenth century, the Sir Joseph Banks Hotel, on the shores of the Bay, was a popular meeting place for sports enthusiasts and holiday makers. By 1850, a zoo had been established there. Visitors danced, picnicked, went horse riding, and played cricket and football. But most of all, they came to see international athletes challenge the locals in the Sir Joseph Banks Handicap, first run over 100 yards on a cinder track. The winners collected cash prizes, and competition and betting were fierce. In 1988, as a Bicentenary project, Council refurbished the Sir Joseph Banks Pleasure Gardens, restored the racing track, and brought back the running race under the new name of the Botany Bay Gift. This annual athletics carnival is now the richest in Australia and attracts top athletes such as England's Linford Christie, and Australia's Robert De Castella, Nova Peris-Kneebone and Melinda Gainsford-Taylor.


  1. tu aurais pu prévenir, en ouvrant ton blog, bonjour la peur ;o). cette sculpture est impressionnante, on dirait un vrai, superbe. je te souhaite un bon weekend

    you could have prevented, by opening your blog, hello the fear; O). this sculpture is impressive, one would say a truth, superb. I wish you a good weekend

  2. Doesn't look that much like the Archbishop of Botany

  3. Interesting aggressive posture that the sculptor chose to depict. I wonder why...

  4. Come on, do you want us to get a stroke just by visiting your blog... ;)