Thursday, 14 December 2006

A very sombrero Christmas

There I was at lunchtime today, travelling up the escalators in Myer's Department Store behind a couple of sombreros. It turned out we were headed to the same department - Christmas decorations. Then the sombrero wearers stopped to take a photo of each other. Being the kind person I am, I stepped forward and offered to take a photo on their camera of both of them together...and added that I'd very much like them to pose for me so I could also snap a pic. As you can see, these two lovely young women were more than happy to oblige. We wished each other hearty Merry Christmases all round. That's life in Sydney!


  1. The new Madrid daily photo has now started…
    Come, and tell me u think…
    Thank u all for the ‘unbelivable’ dailyphotoblog network…

  2. Superbe et tres amusante cette photo et l'histoire qui va avec.

    "Un Mexicain basané
    Est allongé sur le sol
    Le sombrero sur le nez
    En guise en guise en guise en guise en guise en guise de parasol."
    (Marcel Amont).

    Superb and very amusing this photograph and the history which goes with.
    “A Mexican sheepskin
    is lengthened on the ground
    the sombrero on the nose
    In own way in own way in own way
    in own way
    in own way as a parasol.” (Marcel Amont).

  3. I just love that shot from behind going up the escalator. Brilliant!!

  4. Life is indeed great and humorous in Sydney!

  5. Sally, this is SUCH a darling photo...I like the shot from behind too! SWEET! =)))