Saturday, 16 December 2006

Gargoyle, Sydney University

Gargoyle looking over the main quadrangle at Sydney University. What a shame that G.A.S.U.S (The gargoyle Appeciation Society of the University of Sydney) had its application to form a society rejected by the Clubs and Societies office of the uni "on the grounds that it does not benefit the student community, and that Committee harbours concerns regarding the longevity of this club."

Read all about this travesty of justice here.


  1. The story is hilarious, I'm glad to see that GAGUS will keep fighting for its existence. This is a fundamental issue!

  2. tres belles gargouilles et tres bonne histoire.
    bon weeck end

    very beautiful waste-gas mains and very good story. good weeck end

  3. I would have thought they would welcome any fees, no matter how short lived!
    Nice to see the old quadrangle though. Makes me wonder if the jacaranda that grows over my German course is already in full bloom though, BEFORE I start studying for my certificate exams!

  4. photo a day : unfortunately the jacaranda bloom has been and gone, but you can visit it on a previous blog entry, here:


  5. haha... did they really apply for it? Monash where I studied, I don't recall having any of these old old buildings at all...

  6. Hi keropak : no Monash is relatively new. Sydney and Melbourne Universities are the oldest in the country (and there is a fierce rivalry as to which is older!)