Sunday, 24 December 2006

Sublime to ... ?

A domestic follow-up to yesterday's sublime city illuminations...
As in other places, some people get very exuberant about their Christmas decorations. This house in the suburb of Matraville has a Luna Park entrance, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Centrepoint Tower. Santa was in a plastic-sheeting grotto under the Opera House sails. I couldn't get close enough with the lineup of kids waiting to see him to take a photo. On the road outside, there was a traffic jam, and ice-cream van.


  1. Very imaginative person who is responsible for all the work!!

  2. This post is funny, yesterday it was magic!

  3. Superbe, tres bon post. noel inspire beaucoup de monde

    Superb, very good post. Christmas inspires many people

  4. This is certainly the best of the tackiest displays on offer that I have seen this Christmas. Have posted one myself but it pales in comparison to this magnificent light show.

    Happy Christmas to you and all your family.

    Paul. (sydneywebcam)

    ps I think the reason my profile remains private is to do with Blogger Beta. I have the same issue with other sites running Beta and my profile is public on those that don't. I have yet to switch to Beta.

  5. bon natale à tutti è pace è salute...
    joyeux noël,
    happy christmas,
    feliz Navidad,
    feliz Natal,
    χαρούμενος noel,
    fröhliches Weihnachten,
    Natale allegro...