Wednesday, 20 December 2006


For a few days every month Bill sells The Big Issue * on the corner of Foveaux and Elizabeth Streets, Surry Hills. He's the only Big Issue vendor I have seen with such an eye-catching display. December is a pretty special month for Bill and his lion mate, who always accompanies him.
I like Bill very much. He's always got a kind word for everyone and I've never seen anyone happier in his work.
Here's the card he was giving out:

*The Big Issue is a fortnightly current affairs and entertainment magazine that is sold on the streets of towns and cities throughout Australia by people experiencing homelessness or long-term unemployment. Vendors keep half of the cover price ($4) of every magazine they sell.


  1. Santa in shorts? Very interesting picture. You have an interesting blog.

  2. Exactly my first reaction: Santa in shorts---wonderful!!

  3. bien vu, les SDF c'est un sujet tres important, surtout en ce moment en France (ou il fait tres froid) où les hommes (ou femmes) poliques decident enfin d'en parler et faire des propositions.

    well considering, the SDF it is a very important subject, especially in this moment in France (or the weather is very cold) where the men (or women) polic finally decide to speak and make proposals about them.

  4. a happy scene!!
    and the santa costume is a little bit funny!!