Friday, 8 December 2006

Pigeon man, Darling Harbour

Most people would rid public spaces of pigeons. This man at Darling Harbour plays with them!


  1. Heh, I love how that pigeon is looking into his pocket. He must have some food in there. Wonderful capture. I can't get over how happy that man looks!

  2. susan in atlanta08 December, 2006 06:56

    He kind of looks like James Kim. I don't know if it made the international news but it was a tragic story.

  3. vistoria - I think you are right - I am sure he had seed or something in his pouch.

  4. I would get rid of them too! haha..

    The pigeons in the Sydney Fish Market are ferocious!!! Terrifying I would say...

  5. Hi Sally, it was lovely to have lunch with you today.

    Your pigeon man is great.
    I'm not particular fond of pigeons and I've always been scared of having birds too close - because of Hitchcock's movie I suspect.

    However Australia's beautiful birds are making me relax a bit. I love them!

  6. :P
    people always like pigeon.
    and i like to play with them too.

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